With an established, independent Quality Control program, BCCI sets the standard for quality assurance in commercial construction. The members of our QC team, and the unique, encompassing processes they employ all work towards a single objective – to achieve a zero punch list.

Industry Leading Solution

BCCI offers an approach to QC that starts during preconstruction, through site surveys and due diligence, bringing forth invaluable information during budgeting.

Zero Punch Lists

Where most firms develop a punch list at the end of construction, BCCI pre-punches throughout construction to ensure repairs are completed before move in.

Faster Close Outs

Clients can start business as usual right away, and architects are able to wrap up the project cleanly and move on to the next job.

Flawless Delivery

Our ultimate goal is a flawless finish to every project, so we take great pride in the fact that we rarely have to return to a site to make repairs after move in.


Zero Punch List Projects

In keeping with our vision of accountability and openness, here is a running total of BCCI projects that have achieved our goal of a Zero Punch List.


Pre To Post QC Video

Pre To Post QC
Pre To Post QC
Pre To Post QC

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See the results of Pre To Post QC in these recently completed BCCI projects.