Earning your praise, your trust and, ultimately, your referral.
That’s the foundation upon which our business is built. It’s our inherent sense of personal responsibility that makes us more than just builders of spaces and structures, but also relationship builders.

Our Mission

BCCI is a full service construction company, privately owned since 1986, with offices in San Francisco and Palo Alto. Our primary expertise is in Structures and Interiors. Our experience spans a diverse range of industries and project scopes. 

But here's what truly makes us better.

At BCCI, our mission is to expand the role of builder. To take it beyond vendor and contractor to collaborator and confidant. From builders of structures and interior spaces to builders of valued partnerships.

Our Management Team

  • Michael Scribner
    Michael Scribner
    President & CEO

    Michael continues to build a robust general contracting firm known for its commitment to quality and professionalism. As a company principal with 31 years of industry experience, Michael provides strategic vision and oversight for the firm. He takes great pride in making a positive impact in the construction industry, exceeding client expectations and making BCCI a truly exceptional place to work.

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  • Dominic Sarica
    Dominic Sarica

    Dominic manages operations. Trained and licensed as an architect, he combines real estate industry expertise with a unique blend of base building, interior construction and architectural knowledge. Dominic brings over 25 years of industry experience to BCCI, providing strategic leadership in long-range planning and departmental objectives.

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  • Debbie Fleser
    Debbie Fleser
    Vice President, Palo Alto

    Debbie leads BCCI’s efforts in the South Bay and Peninsula. With 26 years of industry experience, Debbie brings deep expertise in construction best practices and a detailed approach to project implementation. Her drive, leadership and dedicated focus on complete client satisfaction continue to differentiate our firm.

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  • Don Tiefenbrunn
    Don Tiefenbrunn
    LEED®AP Vice President, Preconstruction

    As Vice President of Preconstruction, Don brings 24 years of expertise in tenant improvements, new building, seismic retrofits and historic renovations to BCCI. His strong organizational leadership and strategic vision provide our clients with a comprehensive approach, aligning budget, program and design, and produces tangible results.

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  • Bill Groth
    Bill Groth
    Executive Vice President

    As a project executive, Bill guides project teams through every step from planning through construction. With over 30 years of industry experience, Bill’s focus on the alignment of program, design, and budget goals during preconstruction has been instrumental in differentiating the firm and increasing client loyalty. As a principal in the company, Bill is frequently called upon as a building authority.

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  • Hisham Mushasha
    Hisham Mushasha

    Leading the finance, accounting and information technology teams, Hisham is instrumental in implementing new processes and operation systems. Committed to providing the resources for real time financial data and exemplary customer service, he shares a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in a financial capacity for both Fortune 100 companies and small organizations.

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